Aveiro The Region of Aveiro is a charm of good sensations, the city of Water, also denominated as the “Venice of Portugal” where its canals intersect throughout the city with typical boats Moliceiros, the Salt Navies, the famous houses Art Nouveau , the Museums, Chapels and Churches, the Gastronomy, the Theatre, the area of Bars and Restaurants called the Fish Square to the white sand Beaches-Praia da Barra, Praia da Costa Nova, Praia da Vagueira, Praia de Mira and Praia de S. Jacinto.

The Region of Aveiro is a charm of good sensations, the city of Water, also known as the “Venice of Portugal” where its canals cross all over the city with the typical Moliceiros boats, the Navies de Sal, the famous Art houses Nova, to the Museums , Chapels and Churches, Gastronomy, Theater, the area of Bars and Restaurants denominated Fish Square to the Beaches of white sand-Beach of the Bar, Beach of the Coast New, Beach of the Vagueira, Beach of Mira and S. Jacinto Beach











Calm, safe and relaxing beaches with long sandy beaches, visit Vagueira Beach called “The Best Beach in the World” (Vagueira Guest House), where you can enjoy the work of fishermen called Arte-Xávega, Costa Nova Beach known for typical striped houses, Praia da Barra famous for the Lighthouse where it is possible to enjoy the beautiful landscape on the Atlantic Ocean, to the south is the Beach of Mira and north to the Beach of S. Jacinto, all awarded with the prize of Beaches with Blue Flag. Enjoy and also visit the Ria da Costa Nova which offers services and conditions to all nautical sports enthusiasts (surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP, Kayak, Canoeing, among others.) Also visit the Ria de Aveiro, Salinas and Natural Reserve of S. Jacinto.


Praia da Vagueira 

With the Blue Flag, the most striking features of Praia da Vagueira are its landscaping and golden sand, the quality of its waters encourage nautical sports such as surfing, bodyboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, among others and the diverse animation festive day and night. Water park 2 minutes from Praia da Vagueira.















Praia da Costa Nova 

It is undoubtedly one of the most striking images of Portuguese beaches, with its colorful “Palheiros”, which were initially warehouses to store fishing gear.














Farol da Praia da Barra / Barra Lighthouse 

Completed in 1893, and displaying a majestic cylindrical tower 62 meters high and 66 meters above sea level, which make it the highest in the Country and one of the highest in Europe, the Barra Lighthouse is one of the attractive points of the Municipality of Ílhavo, being visited annually by thousands of tourists who, after a climb of 288 steps, are faced with one of the best coastal landscapes of the Country. It has played a fundamental role in the control of maritime traffic for more than a century.











Porto de Pesca Costeira / Coastal Fishing Port

This sector offers a set of infrastructures dedicated to the unloading, storage and commercialization of fish for local traders.











Reserva Natural das Dunas de S.Jacinto / Natural Reserve of the Dunas de S.Jacinto

The Natural Reserve of S. Jacinto Dunes covers an area of approximately 960ha, of which 210ha correspond to the sea area. It is located at the end of the peninsula that stretches between Ovar and the village of S. Jacinto. It is limited to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and the source by one of the arms of the estuary of Aveiro.
















Aveiro is a city with a rich cultural and architectural worthy of your visit. Visit the various parks and museums of the city, in which are distinguished the Museum of Aveiro, the Museum of St Joan, New Art Museum, Sweet Workshop Museum, Museu Maritimo de Ílhavo, Museum of the Vista Alegre, Play Museum, Alliance Underground Museum, Bairrada Route and Caramulo Museum.














Parque Infante D. Pedro / Infante D. Pedro Park

The Infante D. Pedro park, built on the former property of the Franciscan friars, was prepared from 1862 in the area that belonged to the Santo António Convent. We used the river that crossed the park to develop a space with lakes and fountains inserted in the surrounding trees. It has late Art Nouveau bandstand, staircase with fountain, waterfall and some tile panels.














Serras / Saw 

In the surroundings there are numerous green hills. Visit the Serra do Buçaco, Serra do Caramulo, Serra da Freita, where you will enjoy a wonderful landscape, fauna and flora of beauty and unparalleled value, visit the waterfalls, caves, river beaches and the varied walking paths available.











Gastronomia / Gastronomy 

Enjoy the most delicious and varied flavors. Savor the many delicacies, ranging from fish specialties (seafood rice, eel stew, stews, shrimp kebabs, tiger shrimp, mussels), meat ones (picanha, roasted kid, veal in the oven, among others).











Estação de comboios / Train Station 

The Aveiro Train Station is decorated with a set of tile panels from the Fábrica da Fonte Nova (1916), with regional motifs.

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